Tammy Mistry, Lead Salesforce Developer at Soho House & Co is part of a club that we all want to be in and it's not the Soho House. With over 8 years experience working with Salesforce and more meet ups than you can count, Tammy is a keen Trailblazer. 

From fresh out of grad school to Lead Salesforce Developer, Tammy has a wealth of experience and impressive resume. Here Tammy shares with us her tips to stand out from the crowd.


How did you get into a career in technology?

After leaving university, I found a grad scheme that trains you in various tech disciplines and helps to place you into a role. I’d never written a line of code before, so was slightly nervous starting off in the Java Developer stream but I absolutely loved it! 

What brought you to the world of Salesforce?

During the grad scheme, I landed a role at the FT and was asked if I would be interested in focusing on Salesforce rather than Java. After looking into it, it seemed like a great route to take so I went for it. I spent the rest of my time there focusing on Salesforce rather than Java, using a textbook as this was pre-Trailhead!

If you were entering into a career in technology now, what avenue/technology would you choose?

Having worked with Salesforce for over 8 years now, I think I would still choose it given the amazing career that I’ve been able to have with it. I’m constantly learning new things and in the role I’m in, every day is so different that it never gets boring.

What advice would you give to female job seekers at the moment?

Go to as many meet-ups as you can within your desired field and make in-person connections, it’s so much more personal than Linkedin and helps you stand out!