Michael Parker our Practice Director share’s insight into what we are seeing across the Salesforce market as we start to transition back to life pre-covid.  

The surge for Salesforce staff continues to grow, across both permanent and contract roles. The ratio of candidates to available roles is skewed making it very much a candidate’s market. With demand on skill set high and no shortage of roles, quality candidates are receiving competitive offers.  Plus, the enticing rates contracting roles are offering is making it harder to recruit permanent staff.  

The most in-demand skill-set in the Salesforce space is still Development. Candidates that can code in Apex and build Lightning Web Components, help companies with customising their Salesforce system outside of the basic parameters of the platform and integrate with other 3rd party applications are very much sought after.

There has been a shift in the way candidates approach permanent roles, looking at the opportunity in a much more holistic manner, rather than aiming for the highest salary, striving for a workplace that is a good cultural fit, where their personal values align and offer more job security.  

For companies which are looking to recruit permanent staff, strengthening your company benefits including offering a better work-life balance could pay dividends.  That said, given the industry we are in working in, having the opportunity to work with leading technologies on exciting, new and challenging projects takes center stage.