Meet Abbie Marnoch, one of our recruitment consultants who specialises in the technology industry. A true team player, who is always striving for success, and who will never give up on a challenge.

How long have you been working at Synapri?

I have worked as a technology recruiter at Synapri for 1 year and 6 months.

Do you feel like Synapri is invested in your success?

Yes always, as someone who started out completley new to the technology recruitment industry, the training and care that went into building my success and giving me the opportunity to grow into different avenues is very unique to most recruitment agencies and is something i have valued throughout my time here.

Do you feel comfortable asking for help from others when you need it?

Yes, we are a very collaborative environment and we genuinely care about everyone’s success and embrace working in a team and being able to share our knowledge. All colleagues and managers are all very approachable and always offer support where needed. I feel I'm valued by the business and that time is invested in learning and progressing day by day which is very important, particularly in the technology industry.

Are you satisfied with the current benefits and incentives that your company offers?

We have lots of company benefits to fit everyone’s interests, from my perspective I love that we have incentives in place and clear targets to achieve to be able to have the opportunity to go away with the rest of the team, from partying in Croatia to skiing on the slopes there are lots of fun activities to fit everyone!

What do you enjoy most about working at Synapri?

The people and environment we work in! We have a great team at Synapri, who get on well and work together. Synapri is a collaborative and genuine environment where you get to share your success with your people, and it does have a nice family feel about it which you would not necessarily get working within a larger organisation. The directors are all very approachable and on hand to help and offer support. I feel I'm valued by the business, which is very important.