As December draws to a close, we’re going to take a minute to focus on the highs of 2020. Like many businesses, when lockdown first hit back in March, how we ran and operated at Synapri had to drastically change. The team blew us away with how well they adapted to the situation and how hungry they were to keep the momentum going.

February was a standout month for Synapri, having our best month on record since starting the business back in 2018. Followed by our biggest low, seeing a 95% drop-in activity overnight.

It’s fair to say April and May were tough months, however we saw continued improvement and growth through June, July and August and by September we were firing on all cylinders again.

Despite the challenges faced and the collective efforts of everyone, as a business we’ve accomplished so much;

  • We’ve recruited 6 new employees
  • Revenue is up 78% year on year
  • We’ve established a new Marketing function
  • Diversified the business by introducing FinTech & Payments
  • We’ve signed 8 exclusive client partner agreements

All of which would not have been possible without our incredible team. Their resilience and positivity have been phenomenal. Ben, Chris and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved together.

We would particularly like to highlight and thank…

Michael Parker – Michael has been instrumental in growing the Salesforce area of the business. Taking pride in building relationships old and new, Michael’s approach to recruitment has set the benchmark for how Synapri like to do business and highlights that anything is possible when you’re prepared to put in the time and effort.

Joe Nolan – Joe has been a valuable part of the Salesforce team and whilst navigating his way through this difficult time, has managed to substantially increase his business year on year and generate a number of new and exciting clients for Synapri.

Ian Egdell – Ian has been with the company for just over a year. He has performed exceptionally well by winning a number of new client relationships in the FinTech space and has been successful in placing a number of key strategic hires in to these organisations. He’s also just welcomed his baby daughter into the world!

Cosmina Breazu – Cosmina has been with the company for just under two years and has been a consistently strong performer, always adapting to the new roles she looks to source candidates for. She’s now on maternity leave following the arrival of her baby boy!

Jordan Inwood – Jordan has been a real asset to the company again this year with his consistent can do attitude and his ability to adapt this year under extremely challenging circumstances. He always goes above and beyond and this is shown through his consistent results for the company

We would also like to say a huge thank you to our clients and candidates for their continued support during those tough months and to all of our clients who have been flexible in their approach to recruiting during these unprecedented times.

What we’ve been able to overcome together puts us in a fantastic position for next year when we can really show what we’re capable of. Bring on 2021!