You’ve got merely seconds to capture a candidate’s attention, and as the demand for Salesforce professionals continue to grow, it’s essential for organisations to craft effective job descriptions to attract top Salesforce talent.

The structure of a compelling job description is key. A clear introduction outlining headline employment terms saves a candidate having to look for information and potentially leaving the page.

Job Title, Location and Salary

Say what it is, where it is and what the remuneration package will be. Keeping it simple. Be sure to use widely recognised titles like ‘Salesforce Administrator’ ‘Salesforce Developer’ or ‘Salesforce Consultant’ to ensure candidates instantly understand the role’s focus.

For example:

  • Job Title: Salesforce Administrator
  • Location: London
  • Salary: £50,000 per annum

Company Description

Provide a brief summary about your company. Look to highlight all the positive elements of the company and what may attract a candidate to come and work for your organisation. Tailoring this to the role is a must to capture a candidate’s attention.

For example:

[Company name] is a leading [Industry], we have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic Salesforce Administrator to join our fast growing, dynamic team. This position is well suited to an individual who is looking to advance their career within the Salesforce eco-system and gain hands-on experience in a thriving and supportive workplace.

Job Overview

Explain in as much detail what the role entails and why that role has been created. Try to describe what function the role will perform on a day-to-day basis.

For example:

We are looking for a highly capable Salesforce Administrator to lead the ongoing enhancement of our CRM platform. The successful candidate will work closely with key stakeholders to identify, develop and deploy new processes. The Administrator will be responsible for executing day-to-day tasks, support, maintenance and overall improvement of our CRM system, ensuring that we maximise its full potential.

Describe Tasks

Help candidates visualise a typical day at work. Ensure that tasks are clear and true to the role.

For example:

  • Serve as the primary system Administrator
  • Handle all basic administrative functions, including dashboards, reports, and flows.
  • Perform database maintenance tasks, including diagnostic tests.

Skills and Experience Required

Detail the specific skills you require for the role as a minimum. Include not just technical experience but also industry or soft skills.

For example:

  • In-depth knowledge of Salesforce products and their functionalities
  • Extensive experience in the configuration and maintenance of Salesforce systems
  • Experience in performing Salesforce upgrades and ensuring successful integration
  • Ability to provide Salesforce training and end user support
  • Good communication skills

Qualifications and Requirements

What are you not willing to compromise? It’s important to be honest and accurate to save time and energy on candidates who are not suited to the role.

For example:

  • Minimum of 2 years Salesforce Experience
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator or higher

Why should a candidate work for you

Give them a reason to leave their current job, and let them know what sets you apart from competitors.

For example:

  • We work with market leading technology, with a lot of innovation in the roadmap
  • Great Company Culture (make sure you describe why)
  • Enjoy up to 25 days holiday a year

With the demand for Salesforce professionals on the rise, these descriptions serve as your first opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential candidates. They are a critical tool for engaging and recruiting the right individuals, setting the stage for a successful hiring process.

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Post updated: 15th November 2023