The tech recruitment industry has experienced a turbulent year, witnessing major industry leaders imposing hiring freezes and implementing job cuts.

Amidst these events, Synapri celebrated its fifth anniversary in September—a remarkable milestone for both us and our team. Throughout this period, we've solidified our position as a leading technology recruitment company, specialising in Salesforce, Microsoft, Product, Data, and Cybersecurity. Our core mission remains unchanged: connecting specialist technology talent with outstanding organisations, a principle that continues to underpin everything we do. The original team has expanded and thrived alongside us, as we've attracted exceptional talent, fostering a collaborative, and strong team environment.

We've been fortunate to navigate the surge in tech recruitment during challenging periods, leading us to the current climate marked by hiring freezes and a sense of apprehension. Despite these circumstances, it's moments like these that encourage our growth and resilience, ultimately making us stronger.

One aspect of our business that has notably excelled is our focus on Salesforce. This year marked a significant achievement as Michael and our US team attended Dreamforce for the first time—a milestone long sought after. Additionally, we participated in the Salesforce World Tour in London and witnessed numerous team members' achieving promotions. These individuals' consistently exceed expectations and demonstred outstanding dedication.

In 2023, demand for ServiceNow talent opened up a new avenue for us to concentrate on and specialise in, with Jordan Inwood testing the waters. Both Jordan and Michael attended the ServiceNow World Forum, actively soaking up valuable insights and establishing new connections within the industry.

At the beginning of the year, we encountered an opportunity to broaden our presence in the US. Darren Clark, boasting over two decades of experience in the technology market, joined us and spearheaded Synapri's global expansion—a feat beyond what we could have envisioned when we launched five years ago.

We rounded off the year with the Synapri Christmas party where we celebrated a challenging year, our achievements and got excited about the year ahead. Here’s to 2024!