So, you’ve been invited to do a video interview but you have no idea what to expect. Synapri have put together a simple guide on ‘how to do’ video interviews.

What is a Video Interview?

A video interview is a job interview that takes place completely remote using video technology. Video interviews are often used in the early stages of interviews, and even more so down to due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Video interviewing at the moment, is the easiest way for clients to bring on new members of their team. It will speed up the hiring process and it is a simple and convenient method.

What to expect from your video interview

The interview is usually a live two way video call  with your new potential manager and yourself. A convenient time is arranged between you both and a link is sent to start the interview process. You can usually access this with any device that has a camera and connected to the internet.

How to prepare for Video Interview

To be efficient for the interview, make sure that you treat this interview the same as you would a face-to-face interview. Be prepared and be confident!

Here are some simple tips:

  • Test your internet connection, your audio and video so you know there will be no delays or interruptions when you are signing in to your video interview

  • Have a plain background, make sure the focus is on you with no distractions.

  • Make sure your lighting is nice and clear so your face is clear on video.

  • Make sure your laptop/computer is positioned perfectly. Slightly wobbly table? Change location, you want absolutely no interruptions!

  • No interruptions. This is so important. Make sure you are in a different room to anyone else. If you have children (as we know, a lot of them are home at the moment!) then make sure they are elsewhere and not trying to distract you. Keep your phone on silent, and make sure any pets are also out of the room!

  • Dress for the job! Wear what you would to a face-to-face interview. Part of what you wear, can sometimes control your confidence, so feel your best! It will also reinforce that you are in a professional environment if you are dressed appropriately.

  • Make eye contact - this oozes confidence. It is worth trying to look directly at the camera as opposed to the screen when you are talking, as your potential manager will feel as they have your full eye contact and engagement.

  • And relax, it is not that scary and once you do one, you’ll realise you have all the confidence to do the next one!