Through the pandemic, Synapri has kept in touch with all of our clients, and helped them with onboarding new members to their team remotely. Through feedback, and working together we have come up with some tips that we have found useful when onboarding remotely and effectively.

Focus on job descriptions and role

Before making any hiring decisions, focus on identifying clear roles and expectations for your new employees for the first 12 months. This will make sure that your team can identify the person with the correct skills for the position. Remote hiring can be more difficult than face to face, so by making sure you have clearly defined the role, you are more likely to find the best suited person.

Engage with your new hire before the start date

With each new hire you make, before your new employee is about to start, stay engaged with them and make them feel welcome. Go that extra mile to make them feel as though they are already a part of your organisation. This is even more important when hiring remotely.

When the offer start date has been made, there is then a lag between that letter and starting, so there is always a chance they are not yet fully committed so by making them feel involved this can keep your new employee with you and make them feel as though they are making the best decision for them.


Utilise the tools at hand and hold a video call and introduce them to your team. Allow the new starter to feel a part of you already. When you speak with your new employee, it is important to not have any distractions. If this is a remote onboard, give them all of the attention you would in the office. Ignore what is happening around you and focus purely on your video call.

Introducing Company Culture

You may be onboarding remotely, but it doesn’t mean you can not give your new employee a taste of the company culture. Think of inventive ways to do this, it could be through virtual lunches, virtual quizzes, online games or competitions. This is an important move for not just for your new employee, but everyone within the business.

Overall, remote hiring doesn’t need to be a scary change, but a positive one. By following these small tips, it can help you make some positive hiring decisions whilst you do this remotely.