Managing Employee Wellbeing in Uncertain Times

Recently the vast majority of us have had to endure being at home more often then we perhaps would have liked! Following the government's guidance back in March to stay home, most businesses moved large proportions of their workforce to the remote working way of life.

Whilst working from home is not new to many, under the strict circumstances it will have been new for a large number of us. Employees continue to have the same duty of care whilst their employees are working from home, so Synapri looked at the different things you can do as an employer to maintain the wellbeing of your employees when they are working from home.

Stay In Touch

Utilising the technology you have at hand is important. Stay connected to your staff, and keep your team in touch with one another. Many large conferencing providers offer free versions of their software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting. Video calls should be encouraged to prevent any feelings of isolation and actively keep everyone involved. When you see someone, it is much easier for you to assess how someone’s well being is.

Managers should be checking in on their employees, a rota system/calendar updates to remind you to do this would prove beneficial. When you are remote working, it is very easy to work more hours then you would, being in the office. Make sure you are approachable always, should your employee need you.

Communicate and Encourage your teams

Keep in touch with your teams. Ensure all of your staff are aware of all of the company policies (for example sickness policies). Make it clear you are available to listen to your staffs concerns, and always have an open policy of communication. Virtual catch ups on non related work topics is a nice way to keep the momentum, virtual tea on a Thursday instead of hitting costa? Or a virtual beer instead of hitting the pub? However you choose, keep the communication open between you all.

Always encourage your team, and praise when praise is due. Whilst working from home, a feel good factor is always words of encouragement to keep the momentum high.

Mental Health

Mental health, as always, is just as important as physical health. Synapri take mental health very seriously and actively encourages our team to be transparent in any way so we can help. By regularly checking in with your team, and knowing your team, you will be able to spot when employees could do with some extra support.

By keeping your team on track with plans and deadlines, regularly checking in with them can be everything you need to keep everyone with the right frame of mind.