As the lockdown lifts and we edge closer to 'normality', it can be tricky to navigate our way in a market that is growing at a rapid rate and showing no signs of slowing down going by the Microsoft Q3 Financial Report. Daniel McCarthy and Ian Egdell, our Senior Dynamics 365 Recruitment Consultants share the key things we're currently seeing in this fast-paced market. 

As lockdowns lift and vaccine programs are rolled on a Global stage we're seeing confidence in the market lift. There is a huge demand for Dynamics staff, both on a permanent and contract basis but often there's a lack of candidates available to cover all needs, creating a very lucrative market for candidates and a highly competitive market for clients.

When a candidate makes it publicly known that they are open to new opportunities they're receiving multiple offers of employment and are widely tempted by the attractive rates contracting can offer. This tends to leave clients struggling to bring on permanent staff on directly. 

The demand on skillset is at an all time high, never has it been more important for clients to actively attract talent rather than relying on the fact they have a job opening to bring in new, quality talent. In today's climate candidates have so many options, it is key for employers to actively work on securing candidates.

Times are changing and where previously offering a top salary could secure a candidate, more often than not candidates are tempted by job security, technologies their going to be working with, benefits a company can offer and their potential growth within an organisation.

Companies who have a robust and well thought out interview and recruitment process are already one step ahead. If this is an area which hasn't been given the attention it deserves, it's worth rethinking sooner rather than later if you want to make a good first impression.

People pick their boss in todays world and candidates are striving to work for companies where their values align and a culture which champions inclusivity and innovation.

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